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  • TWG: Mafia- Day #9 RIP Market Square

    I bet you're all wondering why I've called you back here. Btowncolt is dead. His body was found pumped full of lead by the strip joint, Little Bo Peep's. I'll give you one guess on who done it. We all knew who done it. It was the same man that put a hit out on my father a few weeks ago. Caine S. Lupus. He was Capone's right-hand man's right hand man. He was a fat little **** who did as he was told. He talked a lot of ****, but sent his boys to do his dirty work. His boys were never alone. They would walk the st...
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  • Pig Nash
    started a topic we have 1 open spot left in the wolf game

    we have 1 open spot left in the wolf game

    If you want to play just ask.
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  • The Wolf Game Rules Thread

    We have a pretty good thing going with wolf games again. That's great! I love TWG and all it's variations (The Mafia Game, TAG) so it's good that we have a group of players and some newbies that enjoy playing and are active. I think it's time we start actually writing down some of the nebulous rules that come into play from time to time when you play this on the internet. Mostly this all comes down to PMs and their effect on the game...
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  • The Wolf Game 20X6: NO NIGHT ONLY END OF GAME

    The Year 20X6
    It was a mistake. A hideous mistake. When the Alliance started to imprinting animal DNA onto people, everything seemed fine. Women got cu little cat tails they could accessorize with (and the claws did wonders for many people's sex lives) and men used the imprints more for athletic enhancement. Basketball players started using giraffe DNA; they had to raise the rim to 14 feet tall! Soccer players preferred kangaroos and the leg strength they provided. But then the ...
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  • N8R
    started a topic Wolf Game Starting Soon

    Wolf Game Starting Soon

    Hey Forum members. For those that don't check out the Market Square very often we are getting a game of the Wolf Game going yet again. Yes we did just have one game and we have enough interest for another. We are hoping for another game to get rolling tomorrow. We are putting the sign up time cut-off at 3:00PM. All you need to do is to go into the thread...
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  • TWG: Attack of the 53rd Sign Up Thread

    Sign up Sign up
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  • The Wolf Game III: This Time It's Personal

    Many years ago in a town far away, I lived through a horror I still remember to this very day… It had been a dark and stormy night in the little hamlet of DigestVille. I did not awake as I often did to my customary jam and toast brought to me by my slave boy Sweabs. “Sweabs! Sweabs!” I shouted at the top of my lungs, but to no avail. This angered me, Sweabs knew the consequences if he was late. He would be forced to watch all of Gigli, and once he had finished that he would be required to peel 107 onions with his teeth. I hauled my tired rear out of bed, and got dresse...
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  • Join the Wolf Game - Be Part of the Fun!

    anyone want to give this thing a try again this summer?
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