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  • TWG: Mafia- Day #9 RIP Market Square

    I bet you're all wondering why I've called you back here. Btowncolt is dead. His body was found pumped full of lead by the strip joint, Little Bo Peep's. I'll give you one guess on who done it. We all knew who done it. It was the same man that put a hit out on my father a few weeks ago. Caine S. Lupus. He was Capone's right-hand man's right hand man. He was a fat little **** who did as he was told. He talked a lot of ****, but sent his boys to do his dirty work. His boys were never alone. They would walk the st...
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  • The Wolf Game Rules Thread

    We have a pretty good thing going with wolf games again. That's great! I love TWG and all it's variations (The Mafia Game, TAG) so it's good that we have a group of players and some newbies that enjoy playing and are active. I think it's time we start actually writing down some of the nebulous rules that come into play from time to time when you play this on the internet. Mostly this all comes down to PMs and their effect on the game...
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