81-Year-Old Woman Finds Drunk Chargers Fan On Her Couch After Loss To Raiders

Posted By A.L. Ramsey On November 11th 2011. Under NFL Tags: charger fan passed out in pb, chargers fan drunk, chargers fan found drunk on couch, chargers fan found passed out on couch, chargers raiders, funny, wtf .

Bad blood

Last night the San Diego Chargers suffered a loss to heated rival the Oakland Raiders, so as you can imagine some fans may have elected to drown their sorrows in alcohol. But somehow, winding up on a random elderly woman’s couch may be taking it to the extreme. PFT has details:

Officer Frank Cali of the San Diego Police Department tells the San Diego Union-Tribune that an 81-year-old woman reported finding the Chargers fan passed out on her couch around 7:20 a.m. ET.

The man was taken into custody and charged with being drunk in public.

The fan better be thankful the woman wasn’t violent and elected to call the authorities instead of taking matters into her own hands. Not only did fans get crazy drunk last night they also got violent, as a Raiders fans was allegedly stabbed by a Chargers fan in the parking lot.

Oakland, San Diego and the NFL may need to look into increased security or playing their games against each other at a remote location for the safety of the fans. This is getting a bit out of hand.

Chargers fans, please do better.