So, I got bored about an hour ago and got lost in Wiki-land, and somehow landed on Pat McAfee's page. Very first paragraph is this:

"McAfee attended Plum High School in his hometown of Plum, Pennsylvania, playing both soccer and football. As a senior, he borrowed $100 from a friend and played poker at an illegal poker club, turning it into $1,400. He used the funds to finance a trip to Miami to participate in the final day of a national competition highlighting the best field goal kicking prospects in America. McAfee made nine consecutive field goals, starting at 25 yards and moving five yards out each time. He narrowly missed a 70-yard field goal, with the ball missing to the right but with enough distance to make it. After returning home, he was approached in the school's lunchroom by Tony Gibson, West Virginia's recruiting coordinator, who offered him a scholarship."

I honestly never had heard that story. He borrowed $100 from a friend, turned it into $1400 at an illegal poker club, lol, used it to fly to Miami and participate in the last day of a national kicking competition, proceeded to nail 9 straight kicks starting from 25 yards and moving back 5 yards each time, finally missing at 70 yards and then flew back home.

A West Virginia recruiter was there, saw it, hunted him down and offered him a scholarship, lol. Rest is history.

That is just classic McAfee. Got his kicking opportunity turning a $100 loan into $1400 playing poker. There's nothing about this guy that isn't interesting, lol...