Yes you heard correctly. I listened to a special on sports franchises on NPR and I wish I had a link because they broke it down with facts. Small market teams have no incentive to be competitive. Economics is supply and demand. That is why even in Capitalism you cannot have a monopoly. Itís illegal. Unless you are a cable company, health care provider, or local sports franchise. If you want to watch an nba game in Indiana you have to buy their tickets. Westbrook taking a supermax to stay in Okc destroyed them. If you canít get free agents on location you need to build through the draft. Players are telling small market teams that if we arenít competitive Iím leaving. The Pelicans had a top 5 dude and refused luxury tax. Indiana refuses luxury tax. Owners helped come up with BS supermax to have stars and scrubs and trick fans, it didnít work. This is just my opinion, and Iím sure I will be roasted for it. Side note: Kawhi leaving Toronto is a unique situation. If you listen to Collin Cowherd he breaks down how hard a lot of people worked for an entire year to get Kawhi. He was sorta upset that Kawhi wasnít going to LAC per earlier reports.