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02-28-2017 12:27 PM
 Political News and Policies
More crazy **** keeps coming out (987 views, 46 replies)
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02-28-2017 10:09 AM
 Post game-Pacers Wilt
I have always wondered that usually when teams adjust to you that you try and adjust to the adjustment. Is or was there a way to keep Roy useful by scheme or a different player with him. (2,235 views, 73 replies)
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02-28-2017 09:50 AM
 Bird should sign Larry Sanders
I agree with you and Pacerized, Wintermute ... and with the quoted comment that Sanders needs a summer training camp. I imagine we could sign him to a modest one-year contract (or a two-year with a... (1,513 views, 26 replies)
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02-28-2017 03:39 AM
 The 2016-2017 NBA Random Thoughts Thread, 13th of its name: Kingslayers
Whaaaatttttt? So basically, an outlet pass is an assist now if the guy receiving it shoots? Lol. (115,726 views, 3,171 replies)
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02-28-2017 02:19 AM
 2/27/17 Game Thread #60: Pacers vs. Rockets
Last I checked, by most metrics they were about average defensively. But certainly, the notion that they don't play any defense at all isn't true. (2,900 views, 156 replies)
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02-28-2017 01:50 AM
 Guess the Score 02/27/2017 Rockets
Final score: Pacers 117 Rockets 108 ------------------------------------ Season... (176 views, 15 replies)
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tora tora
02-27-2017 11:23 PM
 Bill Paxton has died
He was great in Trespass. (153 views, 7 replies)
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02-27-2017 10:05 PM
 Guess the Score 03/01/2017 Spurs
Spurs 110 Pacers 98 Sent from my LG-D850 using Tapatalk (45 views, 2 replies)
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02-27-2017 09:29 PM
 Should the Pacers fire Larry Bird?
Yeah I'm not sure about this thinking that Larry build a "contender", maybe "contender" for the Easter conference finals but that's it. I don't think Larry (or Walsh that one year) were that... (5,592 views, 327 replies)
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02-27-2017 07:59 PM
 Pacers Salary Cap Info
Not to keep him, to cut him and save over $8 million for this summer. (927 views, 34 replies)
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Basketball Fan
02-27-2017 07:31 PM
 2017 Non-Colts Off Season Thread
Dwight Freeney was unsure after Super Bowl, but source says he's decided now: he wants to play a 16th NFL season. Free agent next week.— Tom Pelissero (@TomPelissero) February 27, 2017 (559 views, 13 replies)
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02-27-2017 06:38 PM
 2017 Free Agent Targets
I don't want Jennings.....for various reasons.....but we are talking about Buckets....not PG13 or Teague. If there is a situation where the Team is interested in pursuing a Player that could... (2,112 views, 72 replies)
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02-27-2017 05:29 PM
 Fire Boomer
I'd be surprised if the Boomer that tackled that guy is still on the job. (3,485 views, 40 replies)
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02-27-2017 04:50 PM
 What movie did you last watch?
I already placed the blame on the show's producers. Did you not read my first post on the subject? Just saying that Beatty could have avoided the whole mess, but he is far from blame. (631,687 views, 9,348 replies)