I am a firm believer in having system. IMO coaches that have a system are the most successful. No that does not mean you don't adjust the system for different players and different teams.

Why have a system. Why play defense pretty much the same every game. Don't you have to change your approach so teams don't figure you out?

Having a system helps the less talented players. J.O. would play well in any system, but Croshere doesn't, Foster doesn't, even Reggie doesn't.

I would like to go into much more detail and explanation, but I only have a few minutes.

Rick's "system" is proving to be successful no matter who is playing, whether Ronnie is paying or not, whether the bench is playing or the starters.

One other point. it is so important that in pressure situations that the players know exactly what they are to do, so they don't have to think, they can just react, and by havong a system of offense and defense and overall approach the Pacers players are less indecisive and in pressure situations they have something to fall back on.

Hope this is coherant, I'll fill in any gaps later