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Thread: Lance Stephenson raps - "Hot N*gga"

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    Default Re: Lance Stephenson raps - "Hot N*gga"

    Lance already shared his confidence with Evan Turner. What more do you want?

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    Default Re: Lance Stephenson raps - "Hot N*gga"

    He's no Robbie Hummel.
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    Default Re: Lance Stephenson raps - "Hot N*gga"

    Music has its most talent ever thanks to the Internet's distribution and more experimentation. Stuff like Tim Hecker, Death Grips, Clipping, Flying Lotus, and Oneohtrix Point Never wouldn't even be possible 20 or so years ago. Most of them would never be able to distribute their music or be known because of what they do. That's why experimentation has gone from stuff like Velvet Underground, Can, Brian Eno, and Philip Glass to stuff like those names. Boundaries are being pushed even further, and for the most part rock and hip-hop are benefiting from it, even the mainstream stuff.

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