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Thread: Pacers/Pistons/Hawks

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    Default Pacers/Pistons/Hawks

    Hibbert to Atlanta
    Milsap to Detroit
    Monroe to Indy

    Maybe Indy throws in a pick or another player or something.

    Pistons get someone to spread the floor. Hawks get an anchor so Horford can move to pf. And we get a fresh face. With everything that happened last season, we could probably use some new chemistry. As far as this trade goes, I imagine Atlanta and Detroit would just deal directly with each other. Monroe for Milsap and maybe a pick. If we were involved, I wouldn't mind swapping West for Milsap in the deal. Then we'd def have to throw in a pick. Pistons would still get a player to spread the floor with West. Doubt they'd want to go older. I'd want Milsap simply because he's younger. Would suck though because I love West and his leadership. Plus, I'd hate for him to be in our division. He's a bad ***. If we could get Monroe for Hibbert though, and maybe even somehow move West while getting Milsap, I'd take Monroe/Milsap. Gotta love pipe dreams...

    Pistons really do need a power forward that can spread the floor though like a Milsap or West. That, or they need to move Josh Smith to power forward. I think he'd flourish there if he stopped shooting 3's. You can't have both Drummond and Smith without a power forward or small forward that can't spread the floor. Neither of them can so they'd be a million times better if they had someone who could. Plus, I always thought Jennings was a chucker too. He and Josh Smith are two of the biggest chuckers.
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    Default Re: Pacers/Pistons/Hawks

    Sounds good.

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    Default Re: Pacers/Pistons/Hawks

    Atlanta does need a C.

    Although Horford and Hibbert might be a very slow combo. They'd be better trading Horford and keeping Milsap.

    The entire draft. Love the picks of Turner, Young and trading for Christmas.
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    Default Re: Pacers/Pistons/Hawks

    Yeah, Millsap fits what Atlanta likes to do 5000X more than Hibbert would. There is no way they would be interested in that.

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