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Thread: Tony Stewart kills another driver (Kevin Ward jr.) with his car. Police involved

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    Default Re: Tony Stewart kills another driver (Kevin Ward jr.) with his car. Police involved

    Quote Originally Posted by Foul on Smits View Post
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    Why in the world would Kevin Ward Jr., get out of his car at Stewart, on a dirt track race.Is that normal at these races? Is he trying to make Sport Center or something?
    If he dislikes Stewart as much as I do, he probably got out because Stewart is a jerk and wanted to let him know he's a jerk. I haven't really followed racing much in recent years but I think Tony Stewart and Kyle Busch are two of the biggest a-holes in racing. Unfortunately, Kevin Ward Jr., letting Tony Stewart know how he feels about him, results in Kevin Ward Jr. making the obituaries. I'm not gonna watch the video because it led to someone dying but it sounds like Stewart was being a dick and it caused an accidental death. I'd have to watch it and I doubt Stewart did it intentionally. It does sound like Stewart was being a dick though and I don't know why he should get a free pass for killing someone while someone like Plaxico Burress gets prison time for accidentally shooting himself.
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