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Thread: Suit blames LA Kings for ruining elderly couple's sex life

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    Default Suit blames LA Kings for ruining elderly couple's sex life

    I hate sending traffic to TMZ, but this story is so goofy that I offer it as a tip my hat to the nameless intern who has to spend his or her days scanning court records on the off chance of digging up something like this.

    According to a story posted on the gossip site on Thursday afternoon, an elderly couple is suing the Kings for an incident that led to, among other things, “loss of enjoyment of sexual relations.”

    The couple, identified in the story as Dino and Trina Adam, were celebrating their granddaughter's birthday in January at the team's Icetown complex in Riverside, Calif. They were away from the rink in a private room when Mrs. Adam was struck in the head by an errant puck. According to the TMZ report, she was knocked out cold and "suffered serious injuries from the incident—including nausea, headaches, mood swings, memory loss and more." Trina claims that less than a week later the lingering effects of her injury caused her to fracture her wrist after she lost her balance and tumbled down a flight of stairs.

    The couple is suing L.A. for medical expenses and damages.

    You can't make this stuff up.

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    Default Re: Suit blames LA Kings for ruining elderly couple's sex life

    Wow, so this lady got wacked by a hockey puck, and one of their complaints was less sex?

    I got a feeling based on this incident they would be entitled to compensation with or without mentioning their lack of sex since the incident.

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