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    So now that free agency, for the most part, is done for now, what is everyone's view on where the East is as of now? My rankings go like this:

    1. Indiana- Yes we lost Stephenson, but we have always been a TEAM not a 2 man superstar led team, we can survive losing Lance and succeed. George Hill will have a big year, David West is still a BAMF, we can still get all-star Hibbert back, I think we will be fine without Lance. We replaced Lance with CJ Miles, who I am a big fan of and his shooting will do wonders for us, and Rodney Stuckey, who is a capable scorer off our bench who can play when Miles shot isn't falling. The most important part is, we have Paul George as well.

    2. Chicago- Well they get Derrick Rose back, what level will he play at? No one knows, but if they can get all-star caliber play from him, which I believe they will, they will be a very, very good team. Their front court is also great with Taj Gibson, Joakim Noah, Pau Gasol, and Nikola Mirotic. Jimmy Butler is a solid player as well, but they have a whole on the wing that needs to be filled by Dunleavy/McDermmot/Snell and I am not a big fan of any of them.

    3. Cleveland- Well they have LeBron, but I am not in love with his supporting cast to tell you the honest truth. They have Kyrie Irving yes, but he has never been on a winning team, let alone even sniffed the playoffs. Andrew Wiggins COULD be good, but the guy is a rookie. Dion Waiters is just awful for that team from a chemistry perspective, and posted on twitter he wouldn't accept a bench role. Thompson is solid, but once again no playoff experience, I just don't know if the supporting cast is experienced enough.

    4. Washington- I actually don't think Washington will be as good this year, I think the loss of Ariza will hurt them, and I don't think Pierce has much left in the tank. However, Beal is a stud, and walking away from that Washington series last year, he was by far their most impressive player to me, and he has a bright future. John Wall is also a very good player... But I don't know if he is good enough to lead a team, and Hill locking him down gives me doubts.

    5. Toronto- They got Kyle Lowry back which is huge for that team. Lowry is an all-star caliber player, and adding him back to a young core of Jonas, DeRozan, and Ross will mean more years of solid basketball up in Toronto. However, they didn't add any new players, so I think its another year of one and done for Toronto again, but they have a bright future.

    6. Charlotte- Well they added Lance to an already solid core. Al Jefferson is the top center in the East, and Kemba Walker is a very solid point guard, and add Stephenson to that mix and you have a solid team. Floor spacing is definitely a key issue with the Hornets, as Walker/Stephenson/Gilchrest is awful from a floor spacing perspective, but they will be decent.

    7. Miami- They kept Bosh and Wade, and added Luol Deng and Josh McRoberts.. Thats a solid top 3 right there and McRoberts is a good role player... But outside of that they suck tbh.

    8. Atlanta- Well they added a solid defender in Thabo and they will get the return of Horford next season, so they will certainly be dangerous when you factor in Millsap and Teague are already there. And I can't forget the Pacer killer Korver either.
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