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    Exclamation Pacers + Thunder

    Pacers trade: Lance Stephenson (S&T) + Roy Hibbert
    Thunder trade: Reggie Jackson, Kendrick Perkins, Jeremy Lamb

    Pacers acquire: Lamb, Jackson, Perkins
    Thunder acquire: Hibbert and Lance

    Why for OKC? Lance could get more money in this deal depending on the terms of the S&T. It's basically like trading him to Boston. If OKC is interested, and wants to offer him a bit more than we are? Then we S&T him. But he gets to start on OKC. Along with Roy.


    ^Pretty formidable. A Lance/Westbrook back-court would be something to behold. Plus they get another elite rim protector in Hibbert. For us, we get a better back court. The back court of the future. Jackson and Lamb will gives us scoring and defense in the back court. Added to PG and West. That keeps us as one of the East's top contenders. We have Lamb for 3 more seasons at his current rate. Jackson would need an extension next Summer. But Kendrick Perkins expiring, plus clearing Hibbert's salary should take care of that.

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