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    (Stole this idea from another forum)

    Yeah, yeah another Eric Gordon thread. But this time, it's different. We're desperate now!

    On the main forum, people are already talking about 2016 cap space. Well, this trade is all about doubling down on the 2016 cap space plan.

    Indiana trades:

    Solo Hill

    New Orleans trade:

    Eric Gordon
    Alex Ajinca

    Why for New Orleans. The Pellies have 3 guards making big money, and of the 3, Eric Gordon is the most expensive and most disappointing. In addition, injury concerns kill a lot of his value. Recently, they lost a lot of depth when they cleared their cap for Asik, so this deal saves them some money (Scola is probably waived) while adding in some useful bench players.

    Why for Indiana. Pacers take a bet on Eric Gordon while his value is low. It just so happens that his contract coincides with David West and Roy Hibbert (player option in 2015, expires in 2016). When healthy, Gordon adds defense, shooting, and shotmaking from the SG position. Thus, Pacers gamble on him for the next 2 years, and then head to FA in 2016 hoping to build a new team around PG. The deal adds about $2.5m in salary this year, which allows us one more vet min signing (barely) under the tax.

    It's a pretty big gamble for the Pacers though because of Gordon's huge salary. For the next 2 years, the starters (including Gordon) would take upwards of $65m in salary, leaving us with mostly minimum signings to fill the bench. But for people with eyes on 2016, hobbling along with a weak bench until 2016 is probably acceptable.

    New lineup:

    West/Allen/(vet min)

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    Default Re: Eric Gordon

    Wouldn't move Cope for him. I don't mind his contract, but his health scares the crap out of me.

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