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    Just for fun this afternoon.....

    Indiana signs and trades Stephenson to Charlotte.

    Charlotte trades Cody Zeller and Michael Kidd Gilchrest to Phoenix

    Phoenix trades Goran Dragic to Indiana.

    Why for Indiana: Pacers use Stephenson to get a true point guard, albeit one on a short term deal.

    Why for Charlotte: They mitigate the cost of a major offer for Stephenson by trading to past lottery picks who haven't exactly panned out well, helping their financial situation. They replaced Zeller essentially in the draft by picking Noah Vonleh.

    Why for Phoenix: They turn a short term asset into 2 young players who fit better in their long term plans and in their system, or you could say that they get 2 major young trade assets in a potential future offer for Kevin Love.

    Thoughts Pacer nation?

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    Hell, I would add a 1st rounder to Phoenix.

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    Charlotte can sign Lance for free. I don't see them giving away MKG and Cody Zeller just to save a little money. AND if they really have to save money, they could easily trade either guy for picks.

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