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Last I checked, the Pacers went to the ECF 2 years in a row and the Pacers have done it primarily with the starters. The starters that, on paper, out play every team in the league. But, for some reason the Pacers don't have the pieces to get Dragic? And the Suns have done what? And the Suns Starters have done what? And 2 of the 3 best players was Pacers that 1) couldn't break into the rotation 2) poor played himself right out of the rotation.

But again, the Pacers don't have the pieces...really tired of hearing that dumb remark.
OK. How about the Pacers don't have good pieces to spare, or pieces that the Suns would want in that trade. Or maybe they just value Dragic that much. He's not chopped liver, you know.