This is on the blog but since may people aren't on that i thought it was appropriate for here. I don't give opinions much on here cuz they're not outstanding or different. But this is my view on the team.

I don't think i've ever formally given my views on the team. Here they are.

Center Position

Jeff Foster, David Harrison, Scot Pollard, Edwards

Foster - He is in my opinion a perfectly servicable Center in the east. Especially with the back ups we have and the rest of the lineup. We don't need him to score and he brings a lot of energy in what he does do well. I won't comment on his defense because i'm not studious enough to know exactly how to explain it. I think it is at least adequate if not better.

Harrison - I think he is really our center of the future and next year he will really step into his own. He's big, he plays d, he rebounds, he can score. he is really good.

Polly - much better than last year but still mr. stone hands and doesn't score much more than foster. basically bigger slower foster.

Edwards - this years version of peanut butter only with no upside

Power Forward

Jermaine O'neal, Austin Croshere, Jonathan Bender

Jermaine - I don't think anything i say will be any different so i'll just say we're set at PF for a long time

Austin - I like his game but i don't think we can give him the minutes he needs to be effective. i'd like to trade him to houston for mo taylor or something. more muscle. with this team we don't need what he brings but i still like him while he's here.

Bender - injured a lot. good while he's here. i'll take what i get from bender but i won't expect much.

Small Forward

Stephen Jackson, James Jones, Michael Curry, Ron Artest

SJax - i think that when tinsley gets back he will break out and i like what he has brought so far and i think he should be the starting sg next year and we will be set in the starting lineups

JJ - I like JJ but basically as just a few minutes a game. He can do a bit more than shoot threes and i'd like to see him work on his post game.

Curry - blegh, cough, old, useless except for some leadership

Artest - I think that he won't be moved. I think we're set at sf for next year. I don't thing he's the be all end all like some people. and i don't think he's as much of a cancer as some people. I think hes a great player that can catapult us but i don't think that he's the only way to win a championship. Other teams have won without ron artest. so can we.

Shooting Guard

Reggie Miller, Fred Jones

Reggie - is reggie is reggie. he was a great player. he's a shell but he's still a fun shell to watch. i'm going to enjoy his last season. i'm not going to criticize him.

Freddie - I think he is better than most backup shooting guards in the league and thats where i'd like him to stay. Good energy guy. I would like to see him get the sixth man award in the near future.

Point Guard

Jamaal Tinsley, Anthony Johnson, Eddie Gill

Tins - I think he's about the third best pg in the league behind Nash and Kidd when he's healthy. He can score and pass and steal and do about everything i want out of a pg. he's the second most important player on this team with or without artest.

AJ - i think he's a servicable backup pg. no more no less.

Eddie Gill - did fine when he was here, not quite as good as AJ but still servicable.

Next Years line up i think we can really take it all. who wouldn't want this lineup we're set at all the positions and we are deep.


I am looking forward to next season. and just gonna take what they give me after the all star break.