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Thread: Jim Clark Ejections == He wants Control!

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    Default Jim Clark Ejections == He wants Control!

    Here's a google search for you:

    It's a search for the name Jim Clark--the ref who was so awful today with his calls in the game against the Jazz (2/22/2004). Maybe if some bored college student wants to go through them and look for his trend. He seems to be really going overboard. I think he's compensating for the NON-EXISTENT help from the other two officials today.

    I'll admit I'm the biggest homer ever and scream my head off at games but my gosh--I was at this game and my nine year old daughter kept leaning over and asking--where was the foul? She could have called that better in the first half!

    On a good note--JO was awesome as usual. I think the non-heralded player of the game was Austin. He played a lot of minutes and did a great job.

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    Default Re: Jim Clark Ejections == He wants Control!

    Mr. Clark was totally one-sided, especially in the first half. I'm glad to see RC stand up for his players. I'm sure he had seen quite enough.l

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    Default Re: Jim Clark Ejections == He wants Control!

    Jim Clark is usually one of my favorites.

    But did you ever notice how much he looks like Bo Hill from the balcony?

    Seriously, I think he was working so hard to compensate for the other two officials, who were just sleepwalking out there.
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