Jermaine O'Neal looked into the ESPN camera and guaranteed that we'll be seeing the Pacers in the postseason.

"I promise you that," he said. "You heard it here first. I promise the Pacers will be in the playoffs this year."

O'Neal did admit, though, that he wasn't so sure as recently as last month, after a 5-10 record in January. It's also worth noting that Indy is still a game below at .500 at 25-26 and merely tied for eighth in the East with Philly.

"I was worried about [the playoffs], but now these last two weeks we've been able to put a group of guys together and practice," O'Neal said. "I don't know any team that just shows up to games, but that's what we were doing because we [only] had like six or seven guys that were able to practice.

"But now we understand that we're in a position that we may not be in the playoffs, and more than anything that Reggie Miller said he was retiring. We can't allow him to go out on that note. He always says, 'Don't do it for me, do it for yourself,' but at some point we've got to respect what he's done in his career and what he's done for us. For guys that really didn't get the chance in other places, and allowing those guys to come [to Indiana] and have another youth movement and give us an opportunity to build our career on his time ... he's a guy that's a Hall of Famer and he deserves [one more] opportunity to win a championship."