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Thread: Garnett's TNT interview and J.O. response

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    Default Garnett's TNT interview and J.O. response

    I am surprised no one has posted anything about the KG interview with John Thompson that was played Saturday evening. They showed clips of it during TNT's other NBA coverage.

    Overall very good interview, the part that got the most play was the part where KG got emotional. He was talking about how much he hates losing and how he feels responsible. Some might not lile to see KG cry like that, but to me it showed how much he cared.

    Here is what J.O thought as he watched the interview.

    The Pacers will lean heavily on O'Neal, who returns from his fourth consecutive All-Star appearance. He struggled with nagging injuries and fatigue before the break, hitting just 15-of-57 shots in his past three games.

    He said he felt rejuvenated Monday, partly from rest and partly from watching a television interview that Minnesota's Kevin Garnett gave to TNT's John Thompson over the weekend. Garnett talked of the burden of trying to carry the struggling Timberwolves. O'Neal, who was watching with relatives, drew solace from his shared plight.

    "Everybody knew that's what I was feeling, too," O'Neal said. "That's a burden you have to have, but it's a painful burden. There's been a lot of nights I had problems sleeping because it was bothering me that we were losing.

    "That put things in perspective for me. It told me that it's OK to feel that way, but it's even better to go out and do something about it. It made me want to get back to business and make a real run."


    Not sure what I have to say about all this, but seeing the pain KG is going through was amazing to me. He was not feeling sorry for himself, but it was a mad determination that I saw

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    Default Re: Garnett's TNT interview and J.O. response

    hope we can do that

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