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Thread: Home vs. Road splits (Staggering Statistics)

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    I've mentioned how the demise of the Pacers has been greatly exaggerated. The reality is that we are dominant at home, and so-so on the road. Despite the "team quitting", we've lost exactly one home game since the All-Star break (a two point heart-breaker to the Warriors). When teams quit, they lose games everywhere, not just on the road.

    So I went on Nbastuffer and looked up some home vs road splits and the stats are even more jarring than I expected. If you want a really good indication of how differently this team plays on its home court vs anywhere else, just look at the difference in points allowed per 100 possessions.

    Home - 93.3
    Road - 103.2

    That's a ten point per 100 possession difference. That's huge! That's about the same as the difference between the Bulls defense, and the Bucks defense.... And no, that's not a normal home road split. Not even close. For example, Miami gives up 106.1 points per 100 possessions at home, and 106.4 points per 100 possessions. The numbers are almost identical.

    How about point differential.

    Home - +12.9
    Road - -0.8

    Finally, Nbastuffer has a projected win % stat.

    Home - .925
    Road .474

    These are not even close to average splits. We are an all time great team at home (especially defensively), and pretty much a sub .500 team at home.

    My point, if we can somehow hang on to the one seed, we still have a very legit shot to make the finals. And if end up as the 2 seed, we have no chance of winning a series against the Heat.

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    Default Re: Home vs. Road splits (Staggering Statistics)

    Good stuff. I will say this though: the playoffs are a different animal, and typical stats tend to go out the window. But I do like the notion that the team hasn't quit.
    There are two types of quarterbacks in the league: Those whom over time, the league figures out ... and those who figure out the league.

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    Prime chance to prove this stat coming up Wednesday night. We have split the series with Mia. so far and we need to do that again Wed. This game should be considered a Playoff game for our team. If we split with Mia. here and there, we still hold the tiebreaker for the playoff HCA, IIRC. This is a BIGGIE team!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kid Minneapolis View Post
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    I will say this though: the playoffs are a different animal...
    Agreed. If anything, it's harder to win on the road in the playoffs. It's going to be really tough for any team to get a win in Indiana this postseason. That includes Miami, Chicago, OKC, San Antonio, etc.

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