I was a Pacers fan before Reggie Miller, I will be a Pacers fan after Reggie Miller retires.

Out of all of the seasons he's played for the team I can only think of about 2 years where he was my favorite Pacer. In truth during the 90's he ranked probably no higher than 3 on my fav. list.

I couldn't stand his trash talking when he was young. I wanted to kill him when he bowed in Chicago & then Kukoc hit the game winner. I could never stand the fact that the man shot to many damn three's. I will always believe he could have scored 5-8 more ppg if he would have taken the mid-range game that he ruled at. I couldn't stand the way he baited the refs., nobody in the history of the NBA has more "T's" after getting the benefit of a call. Early on I could not stand the way he played defense. I will always beleive that Reggie could have been more. He was every bit as good as Alex English was & if he would have dedicated to the mid-range game more he would have been even better.

At the end of the day that is where I was always at with Reggie, I wanted more from him because I thought he was capable of giving it.

But for all of his faults, for all of my complaints I will say this. I have never been prouder of a Pacer.

There has never been a player more identified with this franchise than Reggie & there has rarely been a better spokesperson for the community & for our team.

I often underestimate how popular Reggie really is. I've been so used to him for so long that I have often taken him for granted. But even right here in our own forum all you have to do is look for the young kids who weren't even born when Reggie came here & see their fanatical loyalty to him to understand this isn't an ordinary player. Even J.O. just got a dose of this at his press conferance for the charity thing when that little 5 year old though he was Reggie.

To this day you can go to a game & we could win or lose by 20 & Reggie could be 0-10 from the field but if he pulls up & hits a three it's like everybody in the fieldhouse just won the lottery.

So I'm going to take this vow. Since it is really over & there is nothing higher to aspire to for Reggie I will say this.

From this day forward I will not say anything critical of Reggie Miller. I will just be a fan & try & enjoy what days we have left together. If the team wants to start him & let him play 40 min. a game that's fine with me. If I thought we had a chance to see him win it all then I would feel differantly, but since we don't have that chance I just want Reggie to do what Reggie wants to do.

Now on a personnal note I really wish there was some way to bring Dale home right now. I wanted Dale & Reggie to out together.

So from this day forward it's nothing but R.A.S. for me.