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    Have to think the Fever could have put up a bigger fight. With Griner nullifying Syl and EDD hobbled, it falls on the shoulders of the mercurial Epiphanny Prince and a collection of role players. Just not enough to hang with the star-studded Mercury lineup. Quigley's 24 points in 25 minutes outburst in Game 3 of the ECF was the worst thing to happen to the Finals this year. Not saying the Fever would win, but I don't think they would fall down by 30 points.
    If EDD was healthy, Chicago would have probably been the only team that could really give Phoenix a fight in the East. With Catch pulling out of the Worlds because of injuries, I don't know how well Indiana really could have done. (They just can't score enough.)

    But at the end of the day, even Minnesota was blown out two out of the three games. I mean really, Phoenix has the closest thing the WNBA will ever see to Kareem and Magic in Taurasi and Griner. (Who I believe are two out of the top 3 players in the league) A great coach, and their role players are all stars. A lot has been said about their bench not being great, but Indiana fans know more than anyone that Erin is pretty darn valuable. Mistie has shown a lot of energy off the bench too. And the others have been good in spurts..(although it's really better for the team to not go more than seven deep.)

    So long as Phoenix stays healthy, they'll be tough to beat.

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    Stephanie White takes over as Fever coach

    Stephanie White was the perfect fit to coach the Indiana Fever. After all, the Indiana native has virtually spent her whole life in the Hoosier state.

    White was officially announced as the team's new coach Tuesday, taking over for Lin Dunn, who retired after the team was eliminated in the Eastern Conference finals. White was a former Indiana Miss Basketball and then went on to help Purdue win a national championship in 1999. She was on the original Fever team and spent the last four years as an assistant for the franchise.

    "I'm so glad that it is happening in this state. I'm so glad that it is happening with this franchise. To play at every level in my home state and now to be the head coach of the pro team is a pretty surreal moment," White said in a phone interview Tuesday night. "I'm just realizing how humbling and special this moment is."

    As she was walking into her introductory press conference Tuesday, she saw a photo of the opening of the arena where the Fever play their home games. In that photo were other Indiana legends Larry Bird, John Wooden and Oscar Robertson.

    "I've definitely come full circle," White said. "I felt that way when we won the championship. I was part of the first team and part of the first championship. I'm the first coach to play for that franchise, it's really pretty unbelievable."

    She was announced as the coach in waiting this past spring after spending the last four years as an assistant and associate head coach.

    "The things we do aren't going to change," White said of the Fever. "I'm a little more offensive minded and I think we'll try to push the ball a little more. But our identity will stay the same. It's the same identity we've had since (Tamika) Catchings stepped foot in our field house."

    Besides coaching, White still plans to broadcast games in the winter for ESPN and the Big Ten network. Not exactly what she had planned to do growing up.

    "Even when I started college there was no WNBA. I thought I was going to have to get a real job, I didn't know what I was going to do," White said. "My ultimate dream was to be an astronaut."

    While she never was able to make it into space, White now has achieved her new dream.

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