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Thread: Colin Kaepernick's mom takes issue with columnist's criticism

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    Default Colin Kaepernick's mom takes issue with columnist's criticism

    I agree with what she is saying but I also think she shouldn't have said it publically because her son won't hear the end of having his "Mommy" defend him.

    Kaepernick’s mom takes issue with columnist’s criticism

    Colin Kaepernick seems to get an inordinate number of idiotic columns written about him. And his parents have taken notice.

    In 2012, Kaepernick’s parents were offended by a moronic column from David Whitley of Sporting News, who ripped Kaepernick for daring to have tattoos on his arms. Now we have a ridiculous column from Lowell Cohn of the Press Democrat, who takes the report that Kaepernick wants $18 million a year on his next contract as a personal affront.

    It’s completely reasonable to argue that Kaepernick isn’t worth $18 million a year, that the 49ers could better allocate their salary cap space elsewhere, or that the 49ers should wait to negotiate Kaepernick’s next contract until he has played the final season on his current contract. But Cohn’s bizarre personal attacks on Kaepernick are way over the top. A sampling:

    – “If Kaepernick doesn’t get that kind of dough, he says he’ll go back to kindergarten and knock over his blocks and hold his breath until he turns blue.”

    – “Someone should slap a Boston cream pie in Kaepernick’s smug face.”

    – “Colin Kaepernick is not an attractive personality. Usually he doesn’t say jack. And that’s not attractive. When he says jack — and more — he’s even less attractive.”

    – “It’s like he’s saying, ‘To hell with the team. I want mine.’ There are words to describe his position starting with ‘hypocrite’ and ending with ‘phony.’”

    – “Advice to Jed York: If Kaepernick persists in his unrealistic, impertinent, rude demands, give him jack.”

    Cohn also writes, “If he wins the Super Bowl, sure, give him Cutler money.” Cohn is apparently unaware that Jay Cutler hasn’t won a Super Bowl with the Bears, and that Kaepernick has come closer to winning the Super Bowl with the 49ers than Cutler has with the Bears.

    All of that made Kaepernick’s mom unhappy.

    “When one has an inability to articulate their thoughts intelligently, they often resort to name calling,” Teresa Kaepernick wrote on Twitter. “Talking about lack of decency and professionalism.”

    Kaepernick’s mom is right. Calling Kaepernick a “hypocrite” and a “phony” because he wants to be well paid is silly. The idea that it’s a “rude demand” to ask for a certain amount of money is ridiculous.

    Look, Kaepernick is entitled to ask for whatever he thinks he’s worth. If what he’s asking for is more than the 49ers think he’s worth, the 49ers are entitled to refuse to meet his demands. (The 49ers, thanks to the franchise tag, have the added advantage that they can keep Kaepernick from finding out what he’s worth on the open market.)

    There’s no reason that the negotiations between the 49ers and Kaepernick need to grow acrimonious. Cohn seems like he’s going out of his way to create a controversy

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    Default Re: Colin Kaepernick's mom takes issue with columnist's criticism

    I just love how players get ripped when they actually want to get paid. These are the guys who put their bodies and mind on the line each week for our entertainment. We strike a deal with these guys. They play each and ever week putting their bodies and minds on the line and we get entertained. When it comes time for the players to get their end of the bargain, get paid nicely, fans and media flip out and call them greedy, self centered, and so on.

    It is like media and fans cannot even fathom being in these players's shoes or even grasp basic negotiations. These players only have a small window to maximize their earning potential and they should do everything in their power to earn as much as they can. I am sure Kap and his agent know full well he is not getting 18 million, but you do not say that. You come up as high as you can and then it gives you room to work down to where you actually want to be at.

    I always laugh when you see media or fans drone on and on about loyalty and putting the team first, but the reality is there is no loyalty from the team. The team only cares about how much money you cost them versus your production. I am sure Irsay weighed Peyton's money due versus what he was going to get these next few years and decided it was not worth it and cut him. I just do not fathom why the media expect the players to have such one sided loyalty. I can understand fans because most of them are just irrational.

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    Default Re: Colin Kaepernick's mom takes issue with columnist's criticism

    Your mother sending out a tweet isn't "having mommy defend him" Its merely her calling ******** on the article.

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    Default Re: Colin Kaepernick's mom takes issue with columnist's criticism

    I guess for me its that by tweeting about it she drew more attention to an article most people would've ignored anyways. She just gave Cohn more attention than he deserved.

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