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    Default Evan Turner: By the Numbers Breakdown


    Hand Off (153 Possessions, 0.84 PPP (Points-Per-Possession), 46th):

    One of Turner's bread and butter plays starts with him throwing an entry pass into the high post, which is followed by a rub-off screen and hand off to Turner for a top of the key mid-range jumper. Opponents often go under the rub-off screen, which frees Turner up for an open mid-range jumper, where he is shooting 45% from on the season. Turner does a good job of quickly setting his feet on these plays, and usually gets off an uncontested jumper.

    Pick and Roll, as Ball Handler (188 Possessions, 0.84 PPP, 54th):

    Turner is a good ball handler, and does a good job of shedding his man on a pick and roll screen. After the screen, he is good at patiently weaving his way through traffic, and will often times find himself an open mid-range jumper. Despite his affinity for mid-range shots, Turner will drive into the paint when given a lane, and he does a good job of getting to the rim, where he finishes at nearly a 60% clip. Turner would rank higher in this category if not for his high turnover percentage of 18.1%. He will often over-dribble, which allows the defense to collapse on him and forces him into making bad passes that are easily intercepted.

    Isolation (131 Possessions, 0.78 PPP, 98th):

    While Turner is a good ball handler, he settles for too many mid-range jumpers in isolation situations, which are easily contested. While he does usually shoot these at a high percentage, his accuracy suffers when his defender has a chance to contest. When he chooses to do so Turner is capable of beating his defender to the rim, but he does not do this often enough, which is why he is shooting 36% from the field in isolation situations.

    Spot Up (153 Possessions, 0.90 PPP, 194th):

    Despite his poor overall 3PT shooting percentage, Turner actually shoots the three ball reasonably well when he has a chance to set his feet. In spot up situations, Turner is shooting 33% (26-78) from three point range. When given sufficient time and space (such as on a kick-out after the defense collapses on a drive), Turner can somewhat reliably knock down long range shots, especially so from the corners. When forced to move off the catch however, his 3PT percentage plummets.

    Transition (207 Possessions, 0.90 PPP, 212th):

    Because of his ball handling skills, Turner can easily beat defenders to the rim in transition situations, and is quite proficient at drawing fouls after beating his man. However, similar to his tendencies in isolation situations, he has a tendency to settle for short range pull up jumpers in transition, specifically of the fadeaway variety. Turner also tries to force some passes in transition, which leads to a higher than average turnover rate.

    Overall (1069 Possessions, 0.85 PPP, 285th):

    Turner is a very capable ball handler, and is adept at shedding his man on screens. When he puts his mind to it, he is easily capable of beating his man to the rim, where he finishes at a decent percentage (60%). He is a very good mid-range shooter (45%), and he is capable of creating his own shot in this space. Turner also is capable of reliably knocking down open 3PT shots from each corner.

    Cons: Turner is a bad three point shooter outside of the corners, and is even worse off the dribble or on the move. He settles for too many mid to short range jumpers (and sometimes even forces these shots against set defenses), when he is more than capable of getting to the rim and finishing. Turner is not a great passer, and will occasionally throw a pass he has no business attempting. He also sometimes overdribbles and allows defenses to collapse on him, and he tends to make poor decisions with the ball in these situations.


    Off-Screens (52 Possessions, 0.85 PPP, 52nd):

    Defensively, this is Turner at his best. He moves his feet well when navigating around screens, and usually makes good decisions when choosing to go under, over, or through the screen. He is quick to close out on his man after he gets through a screen, which allows him to easily contest shot attempts. He also rarely bites on pump fakes while he is closing out, which grants him time to regain his defensive position and forces opponents to play against a set defense.

    Isolation (60 Possessions, 0.87 PPP, 153rd):

    Turner is a slightly above average defender in isolation situations. He does a good job of shading his man towards his non-dominant ball hand, but his slow first step defensively often negates any advantage he gains from forcing his man into driving with his weak hand, and leaves him in a situation where he has to overplay his man in order to recover after getting beat off the dribble. This leaves Turner susceptible to step back or change of direction moves. Once again, Turner doesn't bite on pump fakes, which means he is rarely caught out of defensive position, and can therefore easily contest any jumpshots opponents take against him in isolation situations. Turner also has a strong base, which helps him prevent his man from backing him down in post-up isolation situations.

    Pick and Roll, Against Ball Handler (108 Possessions, 0.89 PPP, 179th):

    This is another area where Turner's slow first step defensively hurts him. While Turner does a good job positioning himself for the initial pick, he often gets hung up on the pick simply because he isn't quick enough to get around it at the same speed as his man does. He usually makes good decisions when choosing to go under or over the screen, but since he has trouble recovering when going over a screen due to his lack of footspeed, he will occasionally go under a screen that he should go over, which frees up his man for open jump shots.

    Spot Up (251 Possessions, 1.18 PPP, 297th):

    This category is Turner's bane defensively. Opponents are shooting a blazing 48% from 3PT land in spot up situations against Turner, and they are shooting it often (157 times). That's nearly 3 attempts per game, which means that Turner gives up on average 4.32 point per game from spot up three point attempts. Turner's main problem is that when opponents drive he often helps too far into the lane, which leaves his man wide open for a kick out and 3PT attempt. While Turner does try his best to close out, he often times has lost track of his man and is therefore too out of position to even get a hand is his mans face. Turner will also consistently ball watch while on defense, which results in him losing track of his man.

    Overall (544 Possessions, 1.04 PPP, 400th):

    Pros: Despite what his metrics may suggest, Turner is actually a sound individual defender. Turner has good instincts when defending against screens, and is generally good at getting around them despite his lack of quickness. He closes out well and rarely bites on ball fakes, which means he is rarely caught out of defensive position in 1-on-1 situations. Turner also has a strong base, which means he is difficult to back down, even for bigger and stronger players.

    Cons: Turner is not a good off ball defensive player. He frequently loses track of his man, whether it be from over helping off the ball or simply ball watching from across the court, which results in lots of open jumpers for his man. Turner has a slow first step defensively, which allows quicker players to easily get by him. Turner's slow first step also strongly impacts how he deals with screens. He often will try to go under a screen in order to take away driving lanes since he is not quick enough to go over a screen while still denying penetration, and this can free up his man for open jump shots after being screened for. Turner will also occasionally get hung up on screens since he is not quick enough to get around them.

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