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I don't get the anger at him for wanting to play, or the anger at the Nets for a "publicity stunt" that, for all I can see, was done for basketball reasons.

I must've missed the "anger" part here. I think this is a PR stunt by the Nets and well NBA for that matter(we had Adam Silver say he wanted the NBA to surpass the NFL) and this is at least one area they can say they did.

I also don't think he's a good enough player to warrant the attention of a PC for signing a 10 day contract. The focal point is on his sexual orientation not his actual skills which Trader Joe aptly pointed out are rather lacking. However that isn't the focal point his orientation is which was expected.

If the media purports wanting Jason Collins to be treated like everyone else they should treat him like everyone else who signs a 10 day contract trying to get a spot on the team.