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Thread: Danny Granger Appreciation Thread

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    Default Re: Danny Granger Appreciation Thread

    Won't quote it because it's long and all. But that, Phree Refill, was a brilliant tribute!

    Well said, Sir!

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    Default Re: Danny Granger Appreciation Thread

    Thank you Danny.

    I still remember when you broke your teeth fighting for a loose ball against Paul Pierce. That play to me reminds me of the heart and determination you had throughout your career as the leader of my favorite sports team.

    You will be missed

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    Default Re: Danny Granger Appreciation Thread

    When I think of DG, immediately the brawl comes back to mind. Only reason we got the kid is due to Stern destroying a championship team, and Pistons classless fan base. DG was the only good to come from that black eye the Franchise rec'd from the brawl.

    When DG hit that game winner vs PHX I only then realized Danny Granger was becoming a superstar and living up to the hype he rec'd when drafted. Superstars on bad teams never made sense to me, but DG quickly made himself an exception to the rule. TBH, I lost some interest in Danny due to the way Obrien played him. Yeah Danny could shoot and score, but what excieted me most about him was that he was in some sense an Artest clone or perceived to be, in that the man could play D. Obrien turned DG into an offensive minded player and I believe it hurt his game more than helped. Obviously Pacers had no offense and had to play that way wen Dunleavy or Murhpy is your next best option.

    Point is, I loved the rugged warrior type Danny we finally got when Coach Vogel took over. Whats the saddest part of all this is when Vogel reverted Granger back to the rugged team first warrior that he was meant to be Dannys health did not hold up.

    The Danny Granger of the Miami series two seasons ago was a BAMF in his own right. He carried this team that series, and it was only when he went down in Game 5 that the Heat pulled away. The Granger that cut back on 3 pointers and became more of a guy powering himself to the hoop, then playing rugged in your face tough nosed D was the Danny I first fell in love with when we drafted him pre JOB.

    Losing the REAL DG33 from that Miami series and not having him last year prob cost this team a Banner. That's how instrumental DG would have been for us in that series. I loved the DG33 that Coach Vogel was reminding him to become, and DG finally had a supporting cast that could help carry the offensive burden.

    What sucks most is we only got to see a small glimpse of the player DG could be on a great team. The Granger from the Miami series in 12' was one helluva good player when he could focus on more than just chucking 3's under Obrien. Under Vogel he played within team and played rugged hard nosed defense.

    sucks his best seasons were wasted on a team that never competed.

    Best Wishes Danny Granger.

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    Default Re: Danny Granger Appreciation Thread

    I have hung my Granger jersey t next to my JO authentic jersey in remembrance.
    "Danny Granger is one of the top players in the league. To move Danny, you better get a lot back." - Larry Bird

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    Default Re: Danny Granger Appreciation Thread

    IIRC, insurance took over Granger's salary all of last year after the 5 games he appeared in. Insurance continued to cover his salary until he had 5 games under his belt this year. I'm pretty sure he got a prorated salary and the Pacers may or may not have been allowed to make up the difference.
    Granger has been a warrior for the Pacers, never brought any sort of bad publicity or headline to the club or himself in almost 9 years. Never had a bad thing to say about any teammate, coach FO member or the City of Indpls. Has been a true gentleman and professional his entire career(other than his argument with Albq. over his 'moat') If Granger takes a buyout from the 76ers and decides to go "ring shopping" with the Heat, I will not resent or blame him. The Pacers and LB made the decision to break up the relationship with DG. I am a huge "fanboy" of Danny's and have been since his days at UofM, but the decision to trade him to Philly for the expiring contracts of 2 pretty good young players has the possibility of keeping the championship drive alive and clearing the way to re-signing Lance at the end of this year. Could well become a win/win for both parties.
    After saying all that, I would think the decision to take a pay out or stay active with a less talented team where he can get more playing time and rebuild his chances to sign another fairly large contract will be entirely Danny's call. Good Luck, Capt.

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    Default Re: Danny Granger Appreciation Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Deadshot View Post
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    I don't want to see Danny go to the Heat but I just don't get the argument that it would be "wrong" for him to go there. There are other contenders, but there is only one back-to-back champs. They might be Indy's rival, but Danny isn't a Pacer today. Let it go.
    He can go to the Heat, and has the right to do that. But if he does, I will hate him like I hate every Heat player. And that is what would suck about it.

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    Default Re: Danny Granger Appreciation Thread

    This was the game I was trying to recall where the Pacers ran the same play for Danny that the Cavs ran right before for LeBron.

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