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I'm not one who normally says this, but numbers don't tell the whole story with Turner. Number one, he was pretty much the number one option when he should be a 3rd option on a good team and more of a 4th option on a championship team. He's not a great shooter but he does have a nice pull up, mid range game. He's not a great individual defender, but he's not a complete liability either. He's a good ball handler, and is a guy that can get easy shots within the half court. He's also a good finisher in both the open court and "in-between" area AND is a good passer.

Without having to worry about the best defensive perimeter player guarding him, Turner should be able to be a bit more efficient (ALA Stephenson who is crazy wild but shoots 50% because he has lesser defenders guarding him).
Maybe, but this is his most efficient season to date and the first season he has been a number 1 option. Much like with Trent Richardson for the Colts, there are a lot of red flags there that have me worried.