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Thread: Pacers + Lakers + Kings + Raptors Blockbuster!!

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    Exclamation Pacers + Lakers + Kings + Raptors Blockbuster!!

    Quote Originally Posted by CableKC View Post
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    The Lakers will have about $26 mil to spend to fill their roster before hitting the Salary Cap of $62 mil. They can add some quality Starters and fill out the roster. I also think that they will re-sign some of their quality and/or cheap Players that they have Wesley Johnson, Xavier Henry or even Robert Sacre ( which will allow them to fill out their roster while going over the LT. Either way, they can completely rebuild their roster from the point where it can be a Playoff contender...while tailoring the entire roster to the Coach that Kobe approves.

    That's why I don't think that they will add any additional salary unless it's a very HIGH quality prospect that is worth keeping. They can get quality FAs at the current Market rate.....which will probably be much cheaper....compared to the overpaid price ( compared to what they can get on today's Free Agent Market ) for Players like Copeland and Mahinmi.

    Better trade...

    Pacers trade Granger, Scola, Watson, Solo, Ian Mahinmi
    Lakers trade Kaman, J. Hill, J. Meeks, W. Johnson, Xavier Henry, Pau Gasol
    Kings trade Jimmer, M. Thornton, I. Thomas
    Raptors trade Kyle Lowry

    Pacers acquire: Thornton (1 year left), Pau (expiring), Jimmer (expiring)
    Kings acquire: Lowry, Xavier Henry, CJ Watson, Solomon Hill, Chris Kaman
    Raptors acquire: Jodie Meeks, Jordan Hill, Ian, Wesley Johnson
    Lakers acquire: I. Thomas, Granger, Scola

    Why for Indiana? Our bench vastly improves...


    Jimmer and Gasol's expirings take care of re-signing Lance.

    Lakers clear a lot of space. Taking back 3 players in this trade, two of which are expirings. They can also re-sign I. Thomas (match any offer), or let him go in restricted free agency. And if Danny gets back to all-star form this off-season, re-sign him for cheap.

    SF: Granger
    SG: Kobe
    PG: I. Thomas

    They will have enough money in free agency to find a good center and power forward.

    Raptors add good young pieces in Hill, Johnson, and Meeks. Ian is filler of course. Hill is also an expiring.

    Kings get better. Lowry is a bigger PG than Thomas. Allows them to get better defensively.


    Kaman would be a good back up for Cousins. Watson, Solo, and Henry would be strong off a bench. Which already includes Landry, Outlaw, and Thompson.

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    Default Re: Pacers + Lakers + Kings + Raptors Blockbuster!!

    Why so SERIOUS

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