Yes I know we have a great team record. Yes I am aware we are the best defensive basketball team in the history of the NBA. But we no longer have an excuse for the offensive inefficiencies and scoring droughts this team is incapable of avoiding.

No longer is it an excuse that Coach Vogel has not implemented his offense. No longer is it an excuse that this team has a revolving door of player personnel. No longer is it an excuse that this team is young when two of our core players have multi all star appearances.

Pacers can ill afford to go six minutes at a time without "buckets." Coach Vogel has to figure out how this team can score more consistently or it will cost us in the playoffs.

We cannot rely on George Hill scoring 37, DWEST not missing a shot, and cool Rasual carrying our 2nd unit. Before anyone chirps about Bynum we cannot rely on him to even see the court or be apart of this team after March 1.

These BS excuses about Paul George being tired is a cop out. He is playing as many minutes as most stars in the NBA and its not an excuse that he has to guard the other teams best player. I highly doubt you would hear Kobe say well I sucked on offense because I was focusing on D. BS. Sure a game here or game there Paul George is going to struggle but were going on about 10 games now in a row. The weariness of looking forward to the all star break is complete crap as well.

We have 4 current all star level players in our starting lineup, we have 2 former all star level players and soon to be 3 in our second unit. Our Defense is so darn good it should be dictating our offensive domination as well and it has at times but no where near the consistent level we are going to need in order for this Franchise to hang a BANNER from the rafters of the Fieldhouse.

George Hill has proven he is a capable scorer way before last nights offensive explosion. For the life of me I cannot figure out why he is not more consistent even if he is playing unselfishly. Right now I have no idea where Paul Georges shooting touch has gone to. And Roy Hibbert at times has simply become very hesitant to score in the post due to lack of balance and poor footwork on the block. The second unit is still a work in progress so I can live and let live with them until the playoffs roll around but our starting 5 has got to find a way to score the ball consistently.

Lets not even take into account that this team despite the chemistry we have is still a turnover machine on the road and against elite competition. Listen, I get players are going to have off nights, PG, Luis, and even DWEST at times but we are simply too darn talented to have 6 minute scoring droughts every other road game or against elite competition.

Whose to blame for the inconsistent lack of scoring production. Is it Coach Vogel or are the players simply not executing.

Point blank, we are too darn talented with the first and second unit to be an average offensive team! Coach Vogel must find a way for our offense to score points in a more consistent manner or it may come back to bite us when it matters most.

Anyone have a valid clue what the hell is wrong with our offense excluding the turnover issues.