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Thread: Kirk Cousins open to being traded

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    Default Kirk Cousins open to being traded

    Kirk Cousins open to being traded

    With the Washington Redskins making it clear that Robert Griffin III is their starting quarterback, backup Kirk Cousins is open to being traded, league sources told ESPN.

    Kirk Cousins is open to being traded to a team where he has a chance to start, according to sources.
    Cousins believes he is ready to start and already has had discussions with the Redskins' hierarchy, which declared Griffin as their starter last month.

    Cousins will not be eligible to be traded until March 11, but the Redskins are expected to receive calls from quarterback-needy teams.

    One destination could be the Cleveland Browns, who plan to hire Kyle Shanahan as their new offensive coordinator, sources told ESPN on Saturday.

    Shanahan has spent the last four seasons as Washington's offensive coordinator and worked with Cousins over the last two years.

    Although he loves Washington and the organization, it is more important to Cousins to play, which is why he would welcome a trade to a team on which he would have that chance to start.

    Shanahan and his father, former Washington head coach Mike Shanahan, were fired by the Redskins following a 3-13 season. Washington hired Jay Gruden as its new head coach last month.

    Cousins has started four games and has appeared in eight contests overall during his two-year career, passing for 1,320 yards and eight touchdowns with 10 interceptions.

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    Default Re: Kirk Cousins open to being traded

    Really??? I thought he'd be content backing up RGIII for his whole career.



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    Default Re: Kirk Cousins open to being traded

    When the starter has issues, arguably fails, and gets a vote of confidence anyway, then it's not surprising Cousins would decide it's time to move on. It's easier to be a backup when you're an up and comer IF you think you'll get a shot at starting if the starter fails. But when it looks like the door should be cracking open for you and it instead gets slammed in your face... well...
    Nuntius was right. I was wrong. Frank Vogel has retained his job.


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    Default Re: Kirk Cousins open to being traded

    I do not blame him. RG3 sucked it up big time this year and got the vote of confidence. He is not going anywhere anytime soon so Cousins is jus going to be ridding the pine. I am sure like any player he thinks he should be starting. Then throw in the fact that owner and team just seems destined to be a loser I would want out of there too.

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    Default Re: Kirk Cousins open to being traded

    Open? I'd be pleading for it.
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