Doctor predicts Brady, Patriots win Super Bowl

There are many different ways that people deal with loss.

Some clam up. Others feel that talking it out helps.

And some, well . . . some go into denial.

It appears that Dr. Shukri David, Chief of Cardiology at Providence Hospital in Michigan, has gone with the third option.

Dr. David, who was appearing on FOX 2 in Detroit to discuss how to be healthy during the Super Bowl, was asked if he will watch the game and who he would be cheering for.

It's safe to say that he's going against the grain.

"I'm a Brady fan; he's a University of Michigan graduate. So go Patriots," Dr. David said as he pumped his fist.

Um, Doctor? Yeah . . . see, here's the thing . . . how can we put this lightly . . .

When the news anchor subtly threw out Peyton Manning's name, Dr. David was quick - and very, very wrong - to correct her.

"Not Peyton Manning," he said. "They're out . . . I've been following the Patriots and I think Brady is going to pull it off."

Yikes . . . is there (another) doctor in the house?

The news anchor wrapped up the segment in the only way possible.

"Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks . . . yeah."