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Thread: Montieth: The Stephensons At Home In Indiana

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    Lance was probably just planning ahead. He knew that when he got his big contract he'd want to live on the north side of Indy. So he bought his parents a house on the south side. They'll be close but not too close.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hicks View Post
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    Who was stereotyping Lance with any of those things?
    Several people. I don't recall you being one of them.

    I think it was a combination of the New York inner city stereotype to start with, his thick inner city accent, and the fancy playgroundesque moves. Then it got stronger when the girlfriend incident was reported. But it has gotten less and less as he has gotten better and gone longer and longer with no incidents.




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    Quote Originally Posted by Trader Joe View Post
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    Wonder what would have happened to Lance had he ended up at Kansas instead of Xavier Henry.

    Lance's college recruitment story is really interesting. Lance was originally a heavy IU lean under Sampson (there's actually a funny picture outside the bathroom at Prime 47 formerly Mo's downtown, it is a young Lance in an Isaiah Thomas IU jersey with the owners on either side of him), so I began watching a lot of tape of him. Lance's high school game was a lot of flash with not a lot of the substance we see now. Sampson had a guy on his staff, the name escapes me now, but the guy was big in the Maryland-Virginia, and NYC areas. That was what had Devin Ebanks committed to IU, and Lance was expected to do the same, that is of course until Sampson was caught cheating and canned.

    Kansas then emerged as Lance's preferred destination, but Kansas was also recruiting Xavier Henry and basically Xavier committed first and Lance and Kansas had end the recruitment. Lance didn't want to compete for playing time anyway and Kansas was at the scholarship limit. At this point, Lance's recruitment had kind of farted out, most of the really big schools had filled all their slots and you had the reported attitude issues off the court really dragging him down. Thus Lance ends up at Cincinatti, not a slouch program by any measure, but not a national power any longer either. He has a solid, but unspectacular year there playing small forward which causes him to end up dropping to the 40th pick.

    If Lance ends up at Kansas by committing before Xavier Henry (or at IU by Sampson either not getting caught or Lance sticking with the Hoosiers), he does not drop to the 2nd round even with all the attitude questions. Self made Henry the focus of that Jayhawks team offensively and probably would have done the same with Lance. That Kansas team went 33-3 and had X. Henry, The Morris twins, Cole Aldrich, Tyshawn Taylor, all guys in the NBA, and they got a ton of attention. Who knows where Lance ends up then, maybe he gets drafted by a big city team and gets swept up in the current there, maybe he still ends up on the Pacers, but we have to pick him at 10 and don't get Paul of the more interesting "what ifs" for a player and team in the past 5 or so years really. Clearly glad it played out this way for all parties.
    My buddy who was working the camp circuits at the time(He worked Lebron's camp for a few years) Lance was in HS said he had heard stories about Lance that you wouldn't even believe. He said Lance was by far the craziest prospects he came across off the court, and by far the most uncoachable. He told me he wouldn't have touch him in terms of recruiting if he was a college coach. Mick at Cincy is kind of crazy himself probably the best fit possible. I doubt Self would have played him unless he changed (like he did with the Pacers)

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