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Thread: Pacers Dilemma (insider request)

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    Default Re: Pacers Dilemma (insider request)

    I'd hate to lose Lance.
    I hate to lose Danny, but I guess I've gotten used to the idea.
    Lance is young and a gym rat. He's improving rapidly and perfectly matches the age of our young starting unit.
    I fully expect both he and George to be better again next year.

    I expect both Scola and West to be a little worse.
    Hill maybe the easiest to replace but we're going to have to face the loss of both our PF's soon any way.

    If we keep Lance, Roy, and PG I believe that we will be contenders for the foreseeable future.
    We will be a good draw for ring chasers.

    If we replace Lance with a guy almost as good he will be almost as expensive.
    If he isn't almost as good then we aren't going to be contenders any more and so what is the point of losing our budding young star to save an older vet like Scola who may just retire any day now anyway.

    I hope peddling Cope will give sufficient head room.
    If not I'd chop Ian next.
    We'd look like one good ol' 15 min per night vet center away from contending again.
    Okafor, Kamen, JO (if Healthy)... Some older stud would be willing to fill that slot nicely for not much over the minimum.
    Trade Scola back for Plumlee!

    I would even trade DWest or Hill if I had to to save Lance.
    We would not be in the finals next year but Lance is already better than Hill and getting better all the time. Hill's overpaid anyway.

    It would pain me immensely to lose West. One of my favorite guys and we would suck without him.
    But again he's 34 right so are you going to lose a young all-star to save him?

    Any big piece we lose without replacing it with someone almost as good will knock us out of contention.
    If we lose an older guy he's like on borrowed time anyway and our core is young enough to rise again and will be a good landing spot for a vet ring chaser.

    If we lose Hib, Lance, or PG not only are we toast but we have also still the impending loss of our older guys.

    So if you lose Lance to save Scola or West it's almost like a rental by comparison.
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