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Thread: Bobby Slick Leonard's hanging in the courthouse

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    Default Bobby Slick Leonard's hanging in the courthouse

    Well no basket Ball Hall of Fame yet for Slick Leonard, but at least he hanging in the rotunda of the Vigo County Courthouse.

    January 15, 2014
    Artist Bill Wolfe’s courthouse mural now complete

    Howard Greninger The Tribune-Star

    The last 12-foot by 6-foot framed mural now hangs on the courthouse wall. It portrays 53 Vigo County people influential in politics, military, education, arts, entertainment and sports. The mural was actually the third mural of four Wolfe has completed.

    “These are people that made something of their lives. And to think that they lived here in Vigo County, some of them born and raised and some just lived here a few years, but they were here,” Wolfe said.

    “The important thing and what I hope is that maybe kids will come in and look at these murals and see these people and think … that I can do something with my life too,” Wolfe said.

    “They made something of their lives. To me, that is what is important about this mural,” he said.

    Wolfe himself is a well-established artist and sculptor in the Wabash Valley with his work portrayed throughout the city and state. His most recent work is a large sculpture of Indiana State University and NBA all-star basketball player Larry Bird that stands outside Hulman Center.

    Just prior to the mural being hung earlier this month, Wolfe said he added the likeness of Bobby Leonard.

    Leonard, born in Terre Haute, played basketball at Gerstmeyer High School, then hit the winning free throw to give Indiana University the 1953 NCAA Championship. He went on to play in the National Basketball Association and was coach of the Indiana Pacers while the team was in the American Basketball Association and later in the NBA. He is also a former radio broadcaster for the Pacers.
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    Default Re: Bobby Slick Leonard's hanging in the courthouse

    FORMER Radio Broadcaster???

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    Default Re: Bobby Slick Leonard's hanging in the courthouse

    "He is also a former radio broadcaster for the Pacers(' road games)."

    I think the last part was supposed to be inferred.
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    Default Re: Bobby Slick Leonard's hanging in the courthouse

    I know that it's just a matter of syntax....but am I the only one that thinks that the title should be changed to "Bobby Slick Leonard's Mural hanging in the Courthouse"?
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