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    Quote Originally Posted by graphic-er View Post
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    So quite alot of you are saying the V's presence on this board drove you away from posting for a period of time? REALLY NOW?? COME ON!....Nobody took your ball and threw it over the fence and gave you raspberries. Grow some thicker cyber skin.
    What prompted me to a visit this board a lot less aswell as post here was seeying 2/3 to 3/4 of the Pacer related topics turned into negative slugfests instead of interesting and for the most part constructive discussions, getting new points of view and all that. And we don't have to aggree at all and discussions can be feisty, no problem, but this dude brought the WHOLE board down IMHO.

    I like reading about my team for my enjoyment not for my irritation. I can put up with that for sometime, but after several years I just really started to dislike reading topics in here, because so much turned to **** because one poster just refused to adjust his behavior and kept acting like everyone should adjust to him. **** that! Let me repeat that: **** THAT! You are a part of a community not the other way around.

    Yeah, he posted a lot of news. That was good, but it really didn't come close to the amount of provocations, snide remarks, etc. that he posted.

    I want to emphasize again that I don't mind discussion at all and heated discussions for that matter, but I expect atleast some respect for others and their opinions instead of demanding it only for yourself.

    I will probably draw some flak for this, but to be honest, so be it. I'm glad he's gone and the board has become much more enjoyable again instead of almost all Pacer related topics turning into non-stop infighting amongst fans of this great team.

    That said: I hate to see some of the posters I respect and enjoy reading the most, also when I don't agree with them on certain topics, post less or leave all together. But, that's their choice and I can respect that.
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