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Just sign lance for around $8-$10 mil a year and offer Granger the MLE and worry about getting under the tax next year before the deadline...I am a huge George Hill fan but a lineup of Lance George Granger West Hibbert is pretty sexy but maybe Larry can talk Hill into being what he was doing in San Antonio and being the 6th man like he was born to do and it might be possible that Hill prefers that role to starting point. Just a thought...

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I don't understand why many of you are hung up on this whole notion of GH ( this year's scapegoat ) and who should be the Starting PG and who isn't.

The way Vogel runs the offense and the way that Bird has constructed this Team..….there is no actual Starting PG. Well, technically there is...but there isn't one that is used in the same manner a Starting PG is used on other teams ( GH and CJ play as much "off the ball" as they do "on the ball" while Lance and PG24 handle the ball ). I think that having a Starting Spot on the roster is important to Lance….but having the Title of "Starting PG" ( on a Team that can have the Starting PG, Starting SG or Starting SF have the offense flow through them at any given moment of time ) is minor if not irrelevant. Now…if Bird said to Lance that he wants Lance to be the 6th Man….then I can see Lance balking at that ( cuz ANY Team that is interested in him can offer him a Starting position ).

If Lance stays…it will be for the $$$, the chance to play for a contender and have Larry as a Boss…not because he's named the Starting PG on the Team over GH.