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Thread: Pacers Grizz Conley

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    Default Pacers Grizz Conley

    Pacers Receive:
    Mike Conley
    Quincy Pondexter

    Grizzlies Receive:
    George Hill
    Chris Copeland
    Solomon Hill
    1st Round Pick

    The Grizzlies actually have several smaller pieces that can be thrown in or taken out to make a deal work, making them a good trade partner. But the ultimate point of this trade is dealing for, who is in my opinion, the perfect point guard for our team. Ultimately, we might have to take on Prince's contract if we want Conley, but I think he's the most realistic option we have at upgrading the point. Thoughts?

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    Default Re: Pacers Grizz Conley

    I love Mike and we could have got him cheap a few years ago.
    Right now If I were Memphis I wouldn't want to downgrade a starting position
    and risk team chemistry unless they go to some sort of rebuild or have cap problems.

    I would not like to lose another first round pick but we're all in right now and this would improve our chances for a ring.
    Even though we may not need him, I'd do this deal - if it doesn't keep us from resigning Lance.

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    Default Re: Pacers Grizz Conley

    The Grizzlies would not get rid of Conley, especially if Pondexter has to go as well, and I doubt the Pacers would trade a 2016 first rounder without a substantial upgrade.

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