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Thread: Can anyone find PTI video for 12/19?

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    Default Can anyone find PTI video for 12/19?

    WOW, I've been looking for video from yesterday's Pardon the Interruption. Had a co-worker tell me Tony Kornheiser basically came out on that show and said he hates the Indiana Pacers, thinks Paul George is a whiney @ss and enjoys watching Lebron embarass him. Anyone see this or know where a video of this would be?

    P.S. Apparently Kornheiser is also tired of the Pacers being loud mouthed braggards who haven't done anything. Where is this $h!+ coming from the Pacers as a team are blowhards?
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    You know how hippos are made out to be sweet and silly, like big cows, but are actually extremely dangerous and can kill you with stunning brutality? The Pacers are the NBA's hippos....Matt Moore CBS Sports....

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