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    Default New rules....

    Man after seeing so many threads with red in them, might I offer a more civil approach to policing the threads? How about you just leave it up to the posters to report offensive posts? So many threads contain just back and forth ribbing or blatant sarcasm, yet they have been treated as more than that. It is the internet and people enjoy arguing. Most people are not going to hit the report post button unless they are truly offended. I can't imagine you like to go through all the topic threads.

    Also reconsider the 30 day point expiration to 7 or 14 days. Most members check this forum multiple times a day offering their opinions.
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    Default Re: New rules....

    Thanks for the feedback, these are all things we've thought about.

    We're hopefully not going to be policing as hard once the rules have been made clear. Initially, though, we needed to make sure people knew what we were talking about and that we were not going to be playing favorites. You are right, going through every thread is a pain, but we felt it was needed because the tone of the forum had shifted in a rather nasty direction over the last year or so.

    Sarcasm is fine, but if every post from a particular person is supposed to be sarcasm then doesn't it stop being sarcasm? Same with jokes that aren't immediately recognizable as such. This is a written word medium, which makes it extremely difficult to suss out the underlying attitude - and when people have opposing opinions the digs can escalate into defensiveness and into name-calling pretty quickly. This happens when a joke shared by two people is publicly directed - it probably is NOT understood as such by the rest of the people who think it is aimed at them.

    Discussion (even heated discussion) is not the problem. We're trying to eliminate the creeping "holier-than-thou" projected by people when they make a prediction disagreed with by others, or when they deride someone who likes a player they can't stand as being ignorant/not watching games/failing to understand basketball, or when either watching the games or looking at statistics are dismissed as being stupid ways to evaluate basketball. There's an undercurrent of posters who don't just disagree with others, they blatantly (and publicly) disrespect them. If we're going to maintain the atmosphere of a bunch of guys hanging around for a friendly conversation about our teams, we can't have people publicly deriding others.

    As for the use of reporting posts, it has always been there and many posters choose to call someone out in a thread (which gets derailed) instead of using the report. That's also something that needs to stop - when a thread becomes all about Since86 or vnzla81 or any individual poster then that's wrong.

    We'll revisit the rules in a few weeks and see how things are going. We're hoping folks will increase their use of "ignore" and that they will make their humor clearer (I suggest the use of for when something is meant to be seen as humorously over the top. I think that smiley gets the point across really well )

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