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    Well, yeah. No one ever comes back from a knee injury.
    LOL! I still remember the argument a poster made saying all Brazillians were lazy and Nene had only one ball. Geeshh those were good times.

    My main argument with West was always salary cap even after the injury and it seemed that it paid off to sign him cheaper and resign him after he proved himself after the injury. To be fair to Vnzla though he did say that 14-15 mill was too much for Nene.

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    I wanted Nene but not the contract he ended up getting. Admittedly I had not followed West very closely because I couldn't stand watching Chris Paul back then (blatant star calls from refs), so I wan't watching New Orleans much for a while.

    I think we can all agree it worked out for the best .

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    Obtaining both West and Nene would have totally rewritten Pacers history.

    First off, our starters would have included Nene, West and Granger. Hibbert would have been relegated to the second unit. More than likely, he never would have become the player he is today, at least not in a Pacers uniform. Who knows whether he would have been re-signed at a backup's salary, or some other team could have seen the potential in an emerging player and made an offer to him that we could not have matched.

    Wo knows how Paul George and Lance would have developed? The dynamics of having Nene in the pivot other than Hibbert could have led us down another path. Our defense may have worked differentl and the same can probably be said for our offense as well.

    One thing I feel confident in saying is that we would not be where we are today. We would still be looking towards salary versus cap problems, but we probably wouldn't be sitting with a 19-3 record and atop the entire league.

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    Yeah, I wanted Nene as well. So glad he wanted to be with a loser franchise and the Pacers ended up signing West.

    The entire draft. Love the picks of Turner, Young and trading for Christmas.
    Signing Glen Robinson III
    Trading for Budinger
    Signing Monta Ellis
    Signing Jordan Hill (not for the player, but for his deal)

    Re-signing Stuckey and Allen

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    I really hated the hole we had up front. I believe I said that if we got either we would host a playoff series.
    I, like most of the rest, had a slight preference for Nene because he could play center also.
    A player's health is always a crap shoot.

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    I wanted Nene too. At the time though, Hibbert was getting pushed around by the other elite bigs, and it was enticing to have a big body that could not just play alongside Roy, but also back him up too. The book on West at that time was that he was undersized and mostly a midrange pick and pop guy, but he's been far more than that and I don't consider him undersized at all.

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