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Thread: Bears/Eagles flexed into SNF on Week 16

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    Default Bears/Eagles flexed into SNF on Week 16

    Yeah I rather have watched the Patriots/Ravens game myself

    Bears-Eagles flexed into prime time Week 16

    Posted by Michael David Smith on December 10, 2013, 1:14 PM EST
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    After the Eagles and Bears both won games with major NFC playoff implications in Week 14, the NFL decided to give their meeting in Week 16 a prime time audience.

    The Bears-Eagles game in Philadelphia has been moved from its previously scheduled 1 p.m. Eastern kickoff on FOX to Sunday Night Football on NBC. Chicago is currently tied with Detroit for NFC North supremacy (though the Lions own the tiebreaker), while Philadelphia is currently one game ahead of Dallas in the NFC East. That makes Bears-Eagles a big game.

    The Patriots-Ravens game in Baltimore that had been scheduled for Sunday Night Football on December 22 has now been moved to a 4:25 p.m. kickoff on CBS. Although the Patriots and Ravens are both fighting for playoff spots, Bears-Eagles is the game that will draw the bigger audience.

    There’s a good chance that either the Bears or the Eagles will play on Sunday night in Week 17 as well. The NFL tries to put a game with playoff implications for both teams in the final prime time matchup, and the most likely Week 17 candidates are Eagles-Cowboys as a battle for the NFC East or Bears-Packers as a battle for the NFC North. The Week 17 prime time game will be announced after Week 16, when all the playoff scenarios are known.

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    Default Re: Bears/Eagles flexed into SNF on Week 16

    That is really odd.

    I have never heard of flexing out a game between two possible (and very likely) playoff teams. Never mind that they also have rather large fan bases. I am not sure that the ratings claim is true, either.
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    Default Re: Bears/Eagles flexed into SNF on Week 16

    I think it's strange too. They are flexing out of a game which features a rematch of the last two AFC Championship games. One of the teams (Pats) has been the league's most successful team over the last dozen years, while the other (Ravens) is the defending Super Bowl champions. One of them is a shoe-in for the playoffs, while the other is fighting for a spot. Both of them are pretty large East Coast markets. I think that a game in which the Ravens are fighting for a playoff spot against the Pats is far more interesting than Bears-Eagles.

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    Default Re: Bears/Eagles flexed into SNF on Week 16

    Report: Obscure broadcast contract term drove Week 16 flex decision

    Tuesday’s decision to replace the Week 16 Sunday night game between the Patriots and Ravens with a showdown between the Bears and Eagles surprised many.

    And for good reason. The Ravens are chasing the No. 6 seed, the Patriots are chasing the No. 1 seed while trying to hold off the Bengals for the No. 2 seed, and the two teams have met in the last two AFC title games. (That said, Bears-Eagles has significant playoff implications, too.)

    So why did the NFL swap the games? According to John Ourand of SportsBusiness Journal, the league made the decision in part to have maximum flexibility for the regular-season finale in Week 17.

    The current broadcast contracts (which expire this year) require that the gap between games pilfered from CBS and FOX for Sunday night be no more than three. If Pats-Ravens hadn’t been flexed, the gap would have been at three, with CBS losing 25 and FOX losing 22. Without taking a game from FOX for Week 16, only FOX could have lost a game for Week 17. Now, both networks are in play for Week 17.

    The goal for the league (and it’s always an NFL decision, not an NBC decision) when selecting the prime-time game in Week 17 is to identify a game that has playoff implications unaffected by any of the outcomes in the other 15 games. That becomes easiest when two teams are squaring off for a division title, with the winner securing a playoff spot and the loser earning a trip home.

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