Nevermind the fact that the defense gave up 40+ points for the second time in 3 weeks and we've been outscored 114-24 in the last six first halves. Oh and third double digit loss in the last 5 games... doesn't matter. We're AFC South CHAMPIONS!!!

Bring on the defending Super Bowl Champs or the KC Chiefs. Who's ready??!!

Ok I'm being very sarcastic, but I'm not feeling much of a reason to be excited. Da Rick Rodgers played well and Brazil had his coming out party but the line was still terrible and the defense can't stop anybody. I know there are alot of injuries but every team has them. The Colts depth just isn't where it should be. The depth problem will only get worse once Andrew Luck signs his next deal after his rookie contract. I know the officiating has been a problem (Chap should have one more tackle credited to his name ) but that's also been bad across the board. Maybe this is the referees way of rebelling against the NFL Regardless, the Colts should be able to start faster and fight through some of this adversity, but I just think this team has run out of gas after exceeding expectations last season and then getting off to a surprising start this season.

The rules of my thread are that I'm the only one whose allowed to be sarcastic and negative. Everybody else has to give reasons why Colts fans should be encouraged they won't be an 8-8 division winner and get blown out at home in the wild card round.