And just because I want to make Cdash happy here is my list:

(note that some of this players are starting because of injury or sometimes they start because of matchups)

Splitter, Reggie Evans, Mozgov, JO(yes that guy), Faverani, Adams,Blatche, Birdman, Jason Smith, Varejao, Kaman, Koufos, Ed Davis, Asik, Tyler Zeller, Brand, Cody Zeller, and Nick Collison just to name a few.

Yes I know that some of this players make more than Ian but the list is about who are the better backups than Ian, note that I'm evaluating what they bring as a whole and yes I know some are not 7 feet tall but as we know just because a player is 7 feet tall that doesn't mean that player is really a center(see Bargnani).