I for one love how the Pacers are fronting the post. Have wanted them to do it for years but when they changed the illegal defensive rules three years ago it makes it even easier to front the post.

Pacers never really have done it before. Under Larry Brown they three quartered and did a good job of pushing the post man off the block. But under Bird and Isiah the pacers generally just let the post man get the ball and then they went to work.

Fronting the post is not easy, you have to get ball pressure on the guy feeding the post and you have to get quick and strong weakside help which the pacers have gotten especially good at. But it is a no brainer with the type of defenders the Pacers have at the front court positions. Jeff, AL, J.O, Cro, Scot and Ron all can get to post player really quick.

Two weaknesses of fronting is it can open up penetration lanes and it can open up the offensive boards. But I don't see those two things bothering the Pacers right now.

Just one more reason why I love this coaching staff