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Because people don't make stuff up about them, that's why. I've seen enough posts by people trying to say that Trent is a slow, and that he goes down on first contact, which both are refuted by facts. The problem is that the Trent criticism has been so extreme, that any push back against it is made out to be extreme the other way.

How many times have I had to point out that Trent deserves blame, only to have a poster come back 10 posts later and try and argue that we're placing ALL the blame on the OLine?

And there is very little criticism towards Grigson here. I could count the number of posts to prove that fact, but when I do I have poeple ***** about me counting and proving it. 90% of the criticism on here is towards Trent. It's so over the top it's frustrating to watch. It's pretty much mob mentality at this point.
I know there were several posters that criticized Grigson for trading a first for Trent right after it happened. Cdash was one of them I believe.

Also where is the fact proving that Trent is or isn't slow? I'd love to see that because I sure as heck notice a difference between the burst Brown shows vs. Trent.