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Thread: I can't wait for 2015!

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    Default I can't wait for 2015!

    I'm not sure that I've ever been more hyped to hit the theater in a single year than I currently am for 2015.

    Movies I'm looking forward to that are currently set for a 2015 release:

    Army of Darkness 2
    Avengers 2
    Batman vs. Superman
    Friday the 13th Part 13
    Star Wars 7

    And I'm sure more will be revealed between now and then.

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    Default Re: I can't wait for 2015!

    Agreed man. Movies have been really good lately. I still haven't went to see Thor or Catching Fire but I will soon. Can't wait for the Hobbit in a cpl weeks too.

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    Default Re: I can't wait for 2015!


    Pixar's Finding Dory
    Marvel's Ant-Man
    Pixar's Inside Out
    James Bond 24
    Hunger Games Mockingjay pt 2
    Assassin's Creed
    Jurassic World
    Fantastic Four reboot
    The Secret Service
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    Default Re: I can't wait for 2015!

    Other than a new Edgar Wright movie, that all sounds pretty bad.

    Sorry for my poop.

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    Default Re: I can't wait for 2015!

    Looking forward to Killer Crow, but really only because it's Tarantino. I think he's fairly overrated as an original filmmaker, but his stuff is still very good mostly, and it's pretty much undeniable that he's able to make movies no other "name" director would.

    Also, Tomorrowland. Cuz Brad Bird can do no wrong in my book. Though Lindelof being involved puts ants in my pants.

    Not necessarily looking forward to it, but I'm really curious about the new Mad Max. I haven't kept on it or anything, but it's such a peculiar mix of people making it. George Miller's making a Mad Max movie man, I'll check it out just to see that, wtf lol.

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