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Thread: The Pass.

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    Default The Pass.

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    Default Re: The Pass.

    I assume that someone is going to make that into an Animated GIF?
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    Default Re: The Pass.

    I thought the other two were actually more impressive. The first one was larry birdesque and required an awareness I wasn't sure lance had. The second one to Scola was one he has done before. A beautiful no look bullet to a cutter. I expect to see a LOT more of those as Lance starts to dominate the ball more.

    Regardless, I'm glad he is starting to realize his talent in the NBA is as a passer. He could be a great player if he starts focusing on his passing ability more than his scoring. He sees the court so well.
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    Default Re: The Pass.

    A pretty flashy pass, but huge kudos to CJ for knocking down the trey and finishing the play.
    If he had missed it would have all been for naught.

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    Default Re: The Pass.

    I liked the entry pass to Scola best of all, because it seemed more natural and less likely to result in a turnover. Still, it's fun to watch some of this. I'm glad he seems to save most of it for blow-outs than against better competition.
    Lance is finally home. Whether he becomes our starting PG or he's 6th man, he's getting big minutes and he's here to stay. #llortontnia

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    Default Re: The Pass.

    When he does this against better competition is what I am ready to see.

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    Default Re: The Pass.

    He had three season-highlight passes in one game. Amazing.

    (And my favorite was the first one.)
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    Default Re: The Pass.

    I thought the one to George was his best of the night amazing play

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    Default Re: The Pass.

    I like watching Paul George during that play. Not just the pass TO Lance but watch Paul the entire play....
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