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    Quote Originally Posted by VideoVandal View Post
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    Are you implying that he needed be told he was a 3 shy? Lol Lance knew exactly what he needed for a triple double.
    I think the idea wasn't to inform Lance of his stat line... It was just saying to call a time out and set something up for Lance and let him know this was a structured chance to get his triple double, the team and coaches are behind him to do it, but then he was going to pull him because the game was won and we didn't need him getting hurt or make it look like they were disrespecting the other team/game in the process.

    Also, I don't necessarily have a problem with a player checking his stats in game. The problem comes when he and he alone decides to try and pad them versus just playing the game. IOW, if an assist presents itself in the flow of the game and the player makes it and wants to sneak a peek at his stat to see what he'd accomplished so far...fine.

    Lance was forcing the issue at the end for points, but I got the feeling that his teammates wanted him to go for those 5 points to complete the milestone. The game otherwise was decided. So I didn't get the impression his teammates had a problem with what he was doing. No different than when a bench guy comes in to mop up at the end of the game and the guys try to get him a basket and want him to shoot.
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