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    I have a friend that moved to Charlotte about 6 years ago. We both stay pretty busy and do not get the chance to visit but once a year around Christmas. So when the Pacer's schedule was released this year I floated the idea by him about coming down to visit and going to the November 27 game in Charlotte. The rest is history.

    With tickets in hand, I decided to look for something to take to the game that would stand out. In one of the post game threads several victories ago MagicRat posted a picture he had made of Roy Hibbert's face on a chef holding a platter of smothered chicken breasts. The choice was pretty easy after seeing that. I sent MagicRat a message and asked if I could blow it up onto a poster and take it to the game with me. He was 100% in favor of it.

    I had to modify it slightly because once it was blown up the words on his chef's coat were very hard to read. So I moved the "Smothered Chicken Cafe" up to his hat and blew up the "Big Roy" on his chef coat. I also wanted to make it so that when we were at the game and Roy got a block I could have the poster update in real time. So I found some 'ultra sticky' post-it notes and wrote numbers on them with a sharpie so that I could just rip off one and reveal the next number under neath. This is the result:

    With poster in hand, we headed off to the game.

    The line to get in to Time Warner was significantly shorter than it seems like it always takes to get into BLF. Admittedly, the security seemed to be a bit more relaxed as well. They did a quick once over with the metal detecting wand and sent us on our way. Overall the arena had a pretty clean feel to it. Our seats were in the lower level so we did not venture up to the club or balcony levels. The main level was a little claustrophobic feeling though. It did not have the big open feeling that BLF has. Because of this there seemed like there wasn't much room for them to display any memorabilia or much signage like BLF has on the main level. Perhaps the upper levels are different but the main level seemed a little cramped overall. We grabbed some beers and headed to our seats.

    Time Warner was a little bit darker than BLF is. I personally like it when everything is lit up because I feel like you can see more of the crowd everyone can kind of get into the game a little more. We were pleasantly surprised when we got to our seats to find that it was like a miniature Pacers cheering section. There were at least 12 people within 3 rows that were all cheering loudly for the Pacers. We found out several of them were from Evansville and a few others were from Indy. One little boy would yell "Boom Baby!" after every basket the Pacers scored.

    We had pretty good seats. I was able to snag these on StubHub for a little cheaper than what Club Level would normally cost at BLF.

    The Pacers bench was within earshot of us.

    Brooke finishing up pregame.

    Getting an early picture with the poster before the game started with the court in the back ground.

    Picture is pretty blurry but Charlotte has a guy with a drum set go out onto the floor while the starting lineups are going on.

    Bench shortly after the game had started. Kind of blurry again.

    There was an early Joshua McBobbysworth sighting.

    Danny and this guy in the yellow (still not sure how he snuck a Pacer's cup into the building) had a couple of friendly exchanges throughout the game.

    Just a good view of the floor. Sometime after the 1st quarter I stopped taking pictures because I was really getting into the game. I wish I had a few more actions shots for you guys. At one point in 3rd, one of the refs yelled at Lance and I believe it was Kemba "Hey guys! Knock it off right now!" because they were jawing at one another. Anyone that could hear it in the crowd busted out laughing because it sounded like two children being scolded. I also remember when Bizmack Biyombo finally checked in the crowd went nuts. About like when Copeland got his first garbage time minutes in Indy vs Memphis.

    Kind of blurry again but these are the fans heading to the exits.

    Time Warner Cable Arena, you have been smothered.

    Overall it was a great night. The fans in Charlotte seemed like they wanted to cheer but didn't have many reason's too all night. Not very many of them had Bobkitty gear on. I think I saw in the game thread of post game thread that there were more Pacer fans with gear on than Bobcat fans with gear on. I'd have to say I agree with that assessment. It was a very good Pacer fan turn out. The blowout win made the drive back to Indiana on Thursday hospitable. It was a great trip.

    I have Thanksgiving dinners to go to today so I have to cut this a little short but I want to thank MagicRat again for graciously allowing me to use his masterful creation. It really made for an even more enjoyable game. Stay tuned, you'll be sure to see this poster pop up again this season......

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    Default Re: Smothered Chicken in Charlotte

    Nuntius was right for a while. I was wrong for a while. But ultimately I was right and Frank Vogel has been let go.


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    Default Re: Smothered Chicken in Charlotte

    great photos. to me brooke looks hotter in that outfit than she normally looks. classy yet hot.

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    Default Re: Smothered Chicken in Charlotte

    That's awesome dude.

    Man I'd love to get to an NBA game someday.

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    Default Re: Smothered Chicken in Charlotte

    looks like you had a great time. awesome sign
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    Default Re: Smothered Chicken in Charlotte

    Did anyone at the game ask you what the poster refers to?

    We know the reference...but I doubt that anyone else would have any idea what that meant.
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    Default Re: Smothered Chicken in Charlotte

    People were really eager to look at it and as soon as they'd walk around in front of me I relished the absolute confusion that quickly set in on their face. The Pacers fans all got it but everybody else was like, "wtf?" The security lady that wanded me as I came in the building asked, "oh what ya got there?" When I showed her and briefly explained she just stared at me, shook her head, and said, "go on in."

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